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Marine & Mooring Services


Port Stephens Moorings provides quality moorings for your peace of mind


Services & Machinery

We provide services for customers from the commercial and private sectors alike. Our marine services will cater to your needs and give you trustworthy solutions.


Engineering & Repair

A reliable mix of technology and technical expertise allows our staff to provide cost effective solutions that are durable and withstand the test of the elements. Whether for commercial or private use, we guarantee the same quality, affordability and durability of our services.


Marine Equipment

With our aim of delivering higher performance, better economy and more reliability, we proudly provide our customers with only the best quality equipment. Our inventory includes:
Blocks range from train wheels up to 2.5 tonne concrete blocks
32mm – 42mm F Grade german made chain


Commercial Diving

Our commercial diving team can assist with a range of works both within the public and private sector.



(Private, commercial and public) installation, servicing, upgrading, customising to vessel requirements, retrievals and removals of any mooring (Screw anchor included). A Service Certificate is provided upon completion of work for the Roads and Maritime and your insurance provider. Our largest customised vessel mooring is for a 50 tonne vessel permanently moored.


Marine Carpentry

Installation and repairs to jetties, pylons, private wharfs, pontoons, boat ramps and slipways.


Vessel Salvages

Pre job salvage plans can be provided for your piece of mind and insurance requirements. No vessel too large or small and strive for same day job completion. Disposal of vessel arranged if required..



No vessel too small or large, logs, trees, navigational hazards.


Marine Signage

Installation, replacement and repairs for Roads and Maritime Services


Navigational Aids and Poles

Installation, repairs, removals and maintenance for Roads and Maritime Services.


Barge hire and transportation

Pick up and delivery of personnel and goods to your timetable and requirements.

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