Mooring Services

  • Private, commercial and public installation

  • Servicing with provision of Service Certificate valid for 12 months

  • Upgrading and customising to vessel requirements

  • Retrievals and removals of any mooring (Screw anchor included)

  • Photos of service provided

commercial moorings

  • Commercial Moorings available for short or long term.

  • Locations:

    • Soldiers Point West,

    • Marys Bay,

    • Wanda Beach,

    • Shoal Bay.


Environmentally Friendly Mooring systems (EFMs)

  • Professionally designed and peer reviewed

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • Space saving

  • Simplicity of operation with 75% less changeable parts

  • Long term environmentally and economically sustainable

  • Approved for installation in local Posidonia seagrass areas


Commercial Diving

Our commercial diving team can assist with a range of works both within the public and private sector.

In water hull and prop cleaning .


Vessel Salvages

  • Pre job salvage plans

  • No vessel too large or small

  • Strive for same day completion

  • Disposal of vessel if required

barge hire.jpg

Equipment Hire and Transportation

  • 10m barge

  • 8m barge

  • 6m punt with trailer

  • 20 ton GVM truck/crane

  • 20 ton working platform / dumb barge


Marine Carpentry

Installation, repairs or removal of:

  • Pylons

  • Jetties

  • Private and commercial wharves

  • Pontoons

  • Boat ramps

  • Slipways


Marine Signage & Nav Aid poles

  • Land or water installation,

  • Replacement,

  • Repairs.


Vessel towing and navigational hazard removals

  • All types of vessels

  • Inshore or offshore



  • Services for both commercial and private sectors

  • Range of barges and equipment to suit your requirements

  • Local knowledge and ongoing support and maintenance

  • Shipwright services for all vessels


Engineering & Repair

  • A reliable mix of technology and technical expertise

  • Cost effective solutions

  • Fit for purpose moorings – customise to your vessel

  • Durable and withstand the test of the elements

  • Commercial or private use

  • Guarantee high quality, affordability and durability

Marine equipment.jpg

Marine Equipment

  • Very high quality materials with long term, proven performance

  • Economically sustainable

  • Inventory includes:
    Concrete blocks up to 5 ton
    32mm-42mm F Grade german chain